Friday reading

This is a good article to read on a Friday now that the census results are out. It features someone I admire. Dr Tin Myo Win. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar Muslim hospital offers hope in troubled times From political activists freed after years in Myanmar’s jails to stricken and impoverished families, all are welcome at Yangon’s […]


NLD rep in Chin speaks on drug use

Three rant points about this interview with an NLD rep from Kale in Chin. I agree with the headline. But I don’t care if imprisonment of drug users is effective or not. It is a human rights abuse to imprison people who are drug users. The figure of 60% of youth addicted is ludicrous. There […]


British American Tobacco in Myanmar

Here is an article on the re-entry into Myanmar of one of the world’s most relentless corporate evil-doers: British American Tobacco. It will require firm action on the part of the new government to stop BAT from killing people. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar: Tobacco giant accused of tricks to hook children The Times 14 July 2016 […]


Global HIV prevention is failing

Global HIV prevention is failing. This paper was released a few minutes ago. http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanhiv/article/PIIS2352-3018(16)30087-X/fulltext New HIV infections in Myanmar have decreased. But in some countries they are increasing. And there is no overall global decrease. Bad news. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Rate of new HIV infections increased in 74 countries over past decade IHME 19 July 2016 […]


PEPFAR budget

The PEPFAR HIV budget for Myanmar is available on a nonPEPFAR website Less than $US 2 million is devoted to prevention out of a budget of almost $US 12 million. http://copsdata.amfar.org/mobile?countries%5B0%5D=Burma Jamie


CHAI in Kachin

I didn’t know the Elton John AIDS Foundation supported the Clinton Health Access Initiative to support the Substance Abuse Research Association to support activities to support people who inject drugs in Kachin. I can’t find it in the Mohinga.info database. Nice photo. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Decentralizing HIV testing and ART services in Myanmar Aung Naing Soe, […]


False claims

In order to stop false claims and sales of ineffective medicines, a reputable person in health needs to make a clear statement and then the authorities need to take action. Can MBBS doctors learn something from traditional health practitioners whether their claims are false or not? They spend longer talking with patients. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Fake […]


Are smoking rates on the rise?

I wish someone could make tobacco smoking rates in Myanmar clear to me. I’m not convinced that smoking rates among young people are increasing. It is easy to blame foreign actors. There are several measures that the new government can make to decrease tobacco consumption and smoking. Not all of them are politically palatable or […]


More on the Liver Foundation activities

The posting yesterday on the Liver Foundation said that “Myanmar gives medical treatment and vaccination against malaria and [other diseases] free of charge.” Since there is no vaccine against malaria, there is reason to distrust the article. The moderator of Health in Myanmar has received with thanks the following information on the Liver Foundation activities […]


The Liver Foundation

Where could one find out more information about the immunisation programme of the Liver Foundation? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ 6.5% of Myanmar population infected with Hepatitis B The Nation Thailand 21 June 2106 The health ministry is planning to launch a national-level campaign against liver diseases this year, partly in response to the prevalence of Hepatitis B […]


Two comments on the street children post

The posting on street children led to a couple of fascinating comments. ++++++++++++++++++ Where’s the evidence for this statement? “The main reason why children live on the street is because their family’s income is not good enough and they live in poverty … It’s a big problem to be solved.” I’m sure that abuse is […]


Taung Paw Rohingya camp

Look at these figures. If there are three thousand Rohingya people in this camp and the population growth rate is 3% per year then there are fewer than 100 births a year. If the informant is to be believed then there are five maternal deaths a year. 5%. One in twenty. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar/Burma: Ensuring […]

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