When elephants collide: HIV and malaria

This excellent synopsis on the relationship between two important diseases in Burma/Myanmar is based on a presentation made at the most recent 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infection CROI. The [him] moderator listened to the webcast on http://www.retroconference.org/2006/data/files/retro2006_frameset.htm but realises that broadband is, to say the least, not commonly available for readers in Burma.
Again, the vital importance of cotrimoxazole prophylaxis for people living with HIV is highlighted.


Red Ribbon award for an institution in Myanmar?

Wouldn't it be interesting if the Red Ribbon award was made to an institution in Myanmar. Why not nominate one?


The Growth of Civil Society in Myanmar

Attached is a vital new piece of work on civil society in Myanmar. Congratulations to Brian Heidel and his coworkers for undertaking the research and publishing it. Small local organisations need support!


Information on HIV AIDS in Myanmar requested

Here is a request for information on HIV and AIDS in Myanmar from a reader of the SEA-AIDS eForum. Can any [him] readers help her out?


Call for TB / HIV scale-up papers

Here is an excellent opportunity for Myanmar to showcase their TB/HIV project in Mandalay …



The Yadanamyitta association is conducting five-day training for trainers every two months where it teaches HIV/AIDS awareness and protection in accord with Buddhist literature, and health caring for the patients. Here is a photo.


A chameleon enlists in war on AIDS

When the [him] moderator first saw this headline he thought that it might be referring to him since he has worked on both sides of the picket line border. But it turns out to be an advertising chameleon. This is a good summary article on social marketing efforts in Burma …


Action: Civil Society Coalition on HIV/AIDS UNGASS – GET INVOLVED!

There may be no opportunity for people in Myanmar to get involved in preparations for the UN General Assembly session on HIV this summer except through joining this Coalition. Has a consultation been held in Myanmar?


First Shan migrant health meeting in Chiang Mai

This was not the first Shan (Dai, Tai Yai) migrant health meeting in Chiang Mai. There have been at least two other previous ones the [him] moderator is aware of …


Community board members for HIV Information for Myanmar

The [him] moderator is looking for people with an interest in the reponse to HIV in Myanmar to join a community board for the [him] email list and the [him] blog. The only requirement for membership is a desire to get closer to truth. Email access is helpful but web access is not necessary.
If you would like to join the community board for [him] then send an email expressing interest to himhimhim@csloxinfo.com. Your identity as a board member, your pen name identity, and your email address will only be known by the [him] moderator and other board members. It will not be posted.


“We need long-term commitment” - Dr Cynthia Maung

The [him] moderator wonders whether anyone working inside Burma has a response to Dr Cynthia’s assertions in this AFP article:
“Many groups focus on an issue — nutrition, HIV. The NGOs in Burma don't have much opportunity to work closely with the community,” she says. “Sometimes (people trying to help) have short-term objectives but no long-term vision. We need long-term commitment,” she says.

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