A parting shot from MSF (France)

Herve hits the mark when he says: “It is with a great bitterness that we have had to decide to leave the country.” A parting shot from MSF (France).


World map (actually a cartogram) of people living with HIV

Check out the attached cartogram of people living with HIV. Smooth southern-pointing peninsulas take up a lot of the space.


Bird flu breaks junta's insularity

Are people in Pyinmana NayPyiDaw and Yangon and Geneva listening? The same mistakes should not be made.


One Point Three by Five

The One Point Three by Five final report is out. Just as plans are being formulated for Ten by Ten. Myanmar will have to work harder to do her part. Data in the report include: estimated number of people 0–49 years old needing antiretroviral therapy: 50 000, reported number of people receiving antiretroviral therapy, January–December 2005: 3,500 (range 2,500 to 4,500), and overall coverage 7%.


Transparency and the UNGASS HIV/AIDS high-level review meeting

The [him] moderator has heard that the draft Myanmar report has been prepared by the government and presented to a group of stakeholders last week. Talk about civil society participation! Can anyone send [him] a copy?
Sign on!


Responding to AIDS, TB, Malaria and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Burma: Dilemmas of Policy and Practice

The [him] moderator knows that he had better not tangle with Mr Parker. But delaying the publishing of this article by a day or two might have allowed people working inside the country to add their views.
The report is excellent and must be read in its entirety. It is attached for you to do so.


More on Yadanamyitta

This comment from a reader is in response to the posting on Yadanamyitta in February http://www.hivinfo4mm.org/blog/_archives/2006/2/23/1778435.html
Any more news?


NLD holds human rights and AIDS awareness training

If any readers have the text or materials for this AIDS awareness training please send a copy to himhimhim@csloxinfo.com and [him] will publish it. Technical assistance could also be provided free of charge by the [him] moderator.


Paean to Dr Jana

Here is a paean to Dr Jana who was part of the review team for the 100% Targeted Condom Programme presented yesterday http://www.hivinfo4mm.org/blog/_archives/2006/3/23/1849869.html
He says: “I strongly believe that for a program to succeed, the subjects have to adopt its goals as their own, …”
One wonders what Dr Jana’s personal opinion of the Myanmar programme is.


Review of the 100% Targeted Condom Promotion programme in Myanmar

Attached in its entirety is the review of the 100% Targeted Condom Promotion programme in Myanmar. This was not an easy document for [him] to acquire. Strange to see a lack of circulation of a review for a programme considered to be a flagship of the NAP.


The IAS cut a deal with Toronto

The IAS cut a deal with Toronto to let Bangkok hold their conference before Toronto on the condition that the conferences would rotate between the developing and developed world. So the first developing world conference after that deal was made will be held in another country on the US border.


A new school in Mae Sot

A new school in Mae Sot

For the upcoming school year of 2006 – 2007 the Burmese Migrant Workers' Education Committee (BMWEC) and World Education/ Consortium (WE/C) are happy to announce the opening of the Wide Horizons Program.  This will be an advanced school located in Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand …

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