Myanmar reported a decline in total HIV infections ten years ago

As the tenth anniversary of the Vancouver AIDS conference is coming up it is time to reflect on what has happened in the last ten years. Here is an abstract of an article from 1996 reporting declining total infections in Burma. Hmm.


Bob Dylan’s sixty-fifth birthday celebration

This is one unusual way to celebrate Zimmerman coming into his pension. What has this to do with Myanmar, you ask? Shillong in Megahlaya is not too far from Chin State. The times they are a changin.


Burmese authorities disrupting AIDS project in Rangoon

Can any readers confirm the facts of this story? ” The local authorities of Burma’s military junta, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) are resorting to pressure to disrupt the HIV/AIDS patient treatment programme jointly being carried out by Doctors Without Borders and the main opposition party, the National League for Democracy (NLD).”


Germany gives funds to UNICEF to fund local civil society organisations in Myanmar / Burma

Here is a passel of stories on two grants from Germany to UNICEF that appear to be for local civil society organisation to conduct activities. Can any readers inform the [him] moderator which organisations are being funded?


White Rainbow poetry reading to raise funds for children who have lost their parents to HIV disease

This is a description of the event from one who attended. It is to his knowledge the first public event to raise money for “AIDS orphans” in Burma.


Pinheiro and Hunt statement does not use the word genocide

Karen people fleeing the conflict are using the term “myo dong” which means genocide. The first instance of the use of this word on the web was 14 May. The following statement does not use the word genocide.


(Official) Myanmar Country Report - Follow-Up to the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS or UNGASS

The attached official country report by the government of Myanmar that was finally submitted to the meeting organisers for the High Level Meeting is dull. Read it all.


Information centre for every youth

Here is an introduction to a civil society organisation for young people in Burma / Myanmar.


Myanmar shadow report for the 2006 high level meeting on AIDS

A group of people has produced an interesting shadow report for the UNGASS review coming up. If the official Myanmar country report is ever posted on the UNAIDS website the [him] moderator will be sure to attach with this article.

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