Rising drug production in Myanmar reported by UNODC

Did Mr Costa read his own organisation’s report?


IPS article on the 3D Fund

One can usually count on “Marwaan” of IPS for insightful analysis. Interesting that s/he has reported that the view that official assistance to Burma should be detached from politics is gaining ground in “some Western capitals”. The view that the people of Burma / Myanmar have a right to development assistance despite the intransigence of the government and prosanctionists is even more prevalent among people within the country and in other parts of Asia.


Refugees and migrants at high risk of HIV?

HIV risk and vulnerability for migrant populations is complex, probably too complex to be covered in a newspaper article. Migrants include expatriates, exiles, emigres, and refugees and all of these groups may be at increased or decreased risk. Migrants to India, Bangladesh, China, northern Thailand, western Thailand, and beyond face diverse host environments … The source for some of the figures used below has already pointed out in another forum that the “numbers for Shan and Kachin appear to be the IDU prevalence from earlier studies, not general population estimates as stated.” Comments?


Hepatitis C and HIV in Myanmar / Burma

Does anyone have any recent data on the prevalence of hepatitis C among injecting drugs users in Myanmar / Burma. The more we learn about HCV and HIV coinfections the more complex it becomes. For instance, hepatitis C infection may influence the response to antiretroviral therapy for HIV.


List of themes for HIV Information for Myanmar

The following is a list of themes suggested by [him] readers in 2005 and highlighted by [him] postings throughout 2006. Are there any themes that you would like removed from this list or any you would like to add for 2007? Email [him] if there are.


Burmese candidate says he is future of WHO

You may remember the posting of 19 September in which the [him] moderator wondered about Nay Htun's qualifications for the Director General post of WHO. Read on …


Review of the Myanmar National AIDS Programme NAP

Transcribed from a WHO paper document labelled SEA-AIDS 167 Restricted
distributed at the Toronto IAC in August 2006 … here is a high level review of the Myanmar National AIDS Programme NAP conducted early in 2006.


Toronto abstracts on cross border approaches to Burma / Myanmar

In the final installment of abstracts from the Toronto conference, we look at what are called ‘cross-border approaches’. Low, low numbers here.


Toronto abstracts on TB and HIV programmes working together in Myanmar / Burma

There were at least three governmental abstracts on TB/HIV accepted in Toronto. Here are two of them.


Toronto abstracts on the Myanmar governmental PMTCT programme

This posting turns to governmental responses to the epidemic. There were only two topics in four abstracts presented by the government of Myanmar in Toronto – prevention of mother to child transmission and TB/HIV. The second of the papers below reports that: “The standard four-pronged strategy of PMTCT was applied.” This is, er, misinformation … read on


Toronto abstracts on prevention in rural areas of Myanmar / Burma

We musn’t forget that Burma is still an overwhelmingly rural country. If you attend one pwe on the theme of HIV you will never forget it. The [him] moderator hasn’t.


Toronto abstracts on harm reduction in Myanmar / Burma

Has it really been ten years since harm reduction began in Kachin? How many lives have been lost? It is good to see HR finally taking off …

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