The PM speaks well of NGOs

It is good to see that the “PM” speaks so well of nongovernmental organisations. But MSF France and the one other small NGO that left did not have much of a historical relationship with Burma. They were both newcomers.
It is also interesting to see that the PM has written that “as a result of their [NGOs'] departure, basic agricultural and economic development has ground to a halt”. It is difficult for the [him] moderator to link the departure of two small NGOs and the decline in development in Myanmar.
May truth prevail.


Willingness and ability to pay for VCT

Here is an anonymous comment received on the 14 November posting on payment for VCT in Myanmar. http://www.hivinfo4mm.org/blog/_archives/2006/11/14/2493566.html


Cotrimoxazole saves the lives of babies born to women with HIV

What this report says in English is that treatment with cotrimoxazole saves the lives of babies born to women with HIV. Cotrimoxazole makes people with HIV live longer and better lives. It improves the life of their family members. Why isn’t it used more often?


Burma / Myanmar on an "Enemies of the Internet" list

Sounds like Reporters sans Frontieres wants to ‘crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy’.


Leadership on migration and health issues

The [him] moderator wonders why the military governments of either country could be expected to show leadership on this issue.


Questions about the willingness to pay for VCT in Burma / Myanmar

The following was received by the moderator from a reader asking questions about the posting 20 October on VCT in Burma / Myanmar. http://www.hivinfo4mm.org/blog/_archives/2006/10/20/2415477.html Responses anyone?


Call for proposals for Global Fund Round Seven

Here is an excellent opportunity for a nonCCM proposal for Myanmar. The time for preparation is now.


Adoption of a four pronged approach to prevention of mother to child transmission is better late than never

The concept of four pronged prevention of mother to child transmission was first recommended by the UN almost five years ago. It is good to see that it may finally be adopted to replace stand-alone orphan creation programmes. Better late than never.


Burma Issues Newsletter on HIV

This article expresses the hope of many that the 3D Fund will “find a way”.
All three recommendations made are directed towards the SPDC. Are there any other stakeholders that can take action?


Grants from the Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness

The Collaborative Fund for HIV Treatment Preparedness is a partnership of the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition and the Tides Center to improve access to HIV treatment for those who need it. The program aims to support civil society, especially people living with HIV/AIDS, to advocate for improved access to treatment and to educate people living with HIV about HIV treatment. …


Link between antiretrovirals and symptoms of leprosy

Another immune reconstitution disease appears …


Political determination or commitment

Both these news stories are cut from the same mold. They whine about lack of political determination or commitment on Burma's borders. And they do not say what should be done with this commitment. Yawn.

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