Presentation on the National AIDS Programme from the Border Infectious Disease conference

Attached is the presentation by Daniel Tarantola on the rationale for the new Myanmar National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS to be unveiled on [him] next week.


Presentation on the Three Diseases Fund at the Border Infectious Disease conference

Here is the text of the presentation by an EC representative on the Three Diseases Fund. The presentation is attached.


Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s PA says he does not claim to be an expert

Below is an email exchange recently held between Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s personal assistant Lavinia Browne and one of the [him] moderators. In reverse chronological order … A partial answer to the [him] moderator’s question: “How does one go about telling two people of this stature that they have made a mistake?” is clear. One is unable tell Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The [him] moderator awaits a reply from Amartya Sen’s secretary.


Article and presentations from the Border Infectious Disease conference

This week [him] will be posting some of the presentations from the two day Burma Border Bash recently concluded in Bangkok. The conference was subsidised by taxpayer dollars so you have a right to the information presented.


Happy Birthday to the Burma / Myanmar blog at http://www.hivinfo4mm.org

This week is the first anniversary of the blog version of [him] at http://www.hivinfo4mm.org If you have internet access please check out the blogsite and make a few downloads. Two hundred and fifty of over eight hundred [him] postings are there.


Closer to truth

Check out this website. Here is a group of people trying to get closer to truth. We in HIV have a lot to learn from them. http://www.voicesforburma.net/


Official copy of the review of the National AIDS Programme of Myanmar / Burma

Getting a copy of this report is very difficult. One wonders why. It is bland.


Myanmar / Burmese migrants excluded from AIDS treatment - an article

Zaw, 30, from Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar (Burma), came to Thailand eight years ago in search of job opportunities unavailable in his impoverished homeland. He found work on construction sites and, more recently, in a sawmill in Khao Lak, a beautiful coastal area where new hotels have been springing up in response to Thailand's booming tourist industry.


ASEAN commitments - an oxymoron

ASEAN commitments are not worth the paper they are printed on. So here is a digital version. Posted by SEA-AIDS.


Open Society Institute response to the International Crisis Group Report

It has been almost a year and a half since the termination of the Global Fund Round 3 grant to Myanmar. The fingerpointing continues. One wonders why someone of Mr Neier’s stature would be drawn into the thick of the fray. ICG reports used to be reviewed by OSI before publication but this one clearly wasn’t. It is worth remembering that in situations of conflict there are many sides to a story and sometimes many versions of truth. This critique provides one. And in posting it the [him] moderator hopes we all may get closer to truth. U Thant’s words are as valid today as when he said them forty years ago: “in times of war and of hostilities the first casualty is truth.”


Crossborder health work in Chin State

Despite the use of the neologism Myanmese, this article is as informative as its predecessors in the SCMP.

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