What do you think of this pamphlet on HIV for Myanmar / Burma?

The attached pamphlet in Burmese was published by the National AIDS Programme. The UNAIDS logo also appears. What do you think of it? Your comments are welcome.


Internet access in Burma / Myanmar may come under new restrictions (and how to get Gmail)

If you use the internet in Burma / Myanmar please read this article and then go on to the bottom of the posting for a few new and old suggestions on circumventing the restrictions.


Check out the new Golden Land website and forum on NGOs in Myanmar / Burma

Check out the new Golden Land website and forum on NGOs in Myanmar / Burma http://www.ngoinmyanmar.org/


Correction from the Mae Tao Clinic on the frontier posting

The [him] moderator is sorry about posting incorrect information as published in the Nation. http://www.hivinfo4mm.org/blog/_archives/2007/2/18/2725605.html Thanks to the Mae Tao Clinic for pointing out the error.


Nightingale magazine from the Mae Tao Clinic

Readers of the Burmese language can read Nightingale magazine from the Mae Tao clinic. http://www.maetaoclinic.org/ntg_home.html


Drug traffickers still at large

One might get the impression from the following article that no illicit drugs are manufactured in Thailand. Hmm.


Free downloadable anonymous browsing software

If you download Torpark and put it on a flash drive (USB drive, thumb drive) you can then plug it into any computer connected to the internet to enjoy anonymous browsing from a confidential set of proxies. Don't be put off by the word in the URL. There is nothing evil about this brilliant software. Blocking is evil. The moderator has successfully used it in internet cafes in Yangon. http://www2.evilshare.com/c8179aa8-cecb-1029-b2ec-00a0c993e9d6


Consensus Statement by Selected INGOs Working in Health in Myanmar

This statement is a year and a half old but as the Three Diseases Fund starts to operate it is worth pulling out to see that it is still relevant.


Magwe AIDS awareness centre shut down by officials

Magway especially needs programmes such as those formerly run by Ko Tin Ko.


Analysis of HIV subtypes near the northern border shows surprising patterns

This analysis of HIV subtypes near the northern borders of Myanmar / Burma shows the situation is more complex than previously thought. Those who blame Burma for spreading HIV in the region use data like this to pose arguments similar to those that blamed Haiti for spreading HIV to North America twenty five years ago.


Pfizer's man dispensing on the wild frontier between Burma / Myanmar and Thailand

The [him] moderator finds it amusing that anyone would call the Mae Tao clinic 'destitute'. Read about 'Pfizer's man dispensing on the wild frontier'.


Migrants are excluded from care in a model ART programme in Burma / Myanmar

Dr Picard has not mentioned that it is necessary for patients to have valid Mandalay citizenship cards in order to enroll in this ART programme so that migrants are excluded.

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