Progress in some noncommunicable diseases

This is a big download. But in it you can see the progress that Myanmar has made in some noncommunicable diseases. Page 132. https://t.co/mZ2Mcp4Y8t But this assessment is extremely limited as it only covers the overmedicalised view of NCDs not including injuries and has no measures of mental health. And here, the NCD Asia Pacific […]


Seroadaptive behaviours among MSM in Yangon

Seroadaptive behaviours have not been shown to be effective in decreasing HIV transmission. But the fact that Yangon men who have sex with men engage in them means they are at least aware of HIV risk. It would be interesting to know whether similar responses take place in Bangkok, Jakarta, or Manila. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ AIDS […]


UNODC doesn't release a paper on decriminalisation

You can see the paper on decriminalisation that UNODC was about to release here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t3zkmjsrgcsa5uo/UNODC-decrim-paper.pdf?dl=0 As usual, I am dissatisfied with a New York Times headline which hardly begins to address the complex issues in the article. And I can’t help wondering why Don McNeil did not ask Monica Beg or a bigger fish at […]


Is the Lancet delaying publication?

It is true that the Lancet is delaying publication of three papers on ethnicity and health in Myanmar until after the election? Did academics at Johns Hopkins agree to this? Jamie


Where is the report?

Where is the report “HIV Estimates and Projections. Asian Epidemiological Model. Myanmar. December 2014” Why is it not released almost a year after being published? Jamie


UNODC on decriminalisation

You may have heard that UNODC did or did not release a document noting that decriminalisation of drug use is consistent with international drug control laws. Here it is. https://tinyurl.com/prgmf2u The decriminalisation pendulum still has a long way to swing. Let us hope it keeps going. Jamie


Kachin news

It is hard to know which is worse: the beating of people with a health problem, or lack of harm reduction services … Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Fighting north Myanmar’s addiction curse with sticks and prayers AFP October 19, 2015, 7:30 pm Katcho (Myanmar) (AFP) – Armed with batons and the bible, church-backed vigilantes are taking the […]


Hard to reach?

The Huffpo is publishing a ten part series on LGBTIQ issues in Southeast Asia. Here is the part on Myanmar. Gay men are said to be “hard to reach in the most extreme sense”. I don’t know what other less extreme senses there are. But most of us working to provide services recognise that the […]


Identities in motion

Was the paper that won a prize at the ASHM conference based on this one? https://www.dropbox.com/s/6c02cnkx8v5ffro/identities%20in%20motion.pdf?dl=0 Jamie


A paper won an award

I hope this paper is published where that we can all see it. No benefit in hiding it away. And I can’t find it on the conference website Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Burmese Student Wins Research Award at AIDS Conference Kyaw Hsu Mon The Irrawaddy Tuesday, October 13, 2015 | RANGOON — A Burmese student completing his […]



How much money did Myanmar printers make on the largely ineffective national HIV campaign billboards? http://www.mmtimes.com/index.php/business/16880-printers-call-for-access-to-finance.html … Here is a chance for someone to repeat this process. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar: Health Communication and Media Consultant (deadline extended to 16-Oct-15) Organization: UNAIDS Country: Myanmar Closing date: 16 Oct 2015 Period:14 October to 31 December 2015 Location:Yangon, […]


HIV prevalence in people who inject drugs

HIV prevalence among people who inject drugs in Myanmar is increasing. Is it increasing in other places in Asia? Slide 14 here shows it is. Thanks, AIDS Data Hub. http://www.aidsdatahub.org/people-who-inject-drugs-2015-slides Since the prevalence data from the latest HIV sentinel surveillance is not available for us to see, we do not know in what areas prevalence […]

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