MSF Press Release

Treating More HIV Patients in More Places: Myanmar’s Next Challenge Press Release Dr. Marcelo Fernandez Medical Coordinator for MSF in Myanmar Between 2011 and 2014, Myanmar more than doubled the number of people living with HIV who are on long-term antiretroviral-therapy (ART), the gold standard for HIV treatment. This is fantastic news. Furthermore, while Médecins […]


Keeping up with 3MDG Fund

Here is how you can keep up with the 3MDG Fund: “You can also stay in touch with 3MDG on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3MDGfund/ We post stories, results and links to articles from our website Newsroom on a regular basis. Also see our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/3mdgmyanmar” Jamie


Focus on location and population?

Since it is exceedingly difficult to download the new UNAIDS global report, I have cut and pasted everything it says about Myanmar here. The Myanmar maps are disappointing compared to some of the ones from other countries. Is it true that about 30,000 people living with HIV on ART have had their viral load tested […]


UNAIDS report with nice maps

The blurb says “If you like maps you will like this report.” True. It is, however, undownloadable with the bandwidth available to many of you in Myanmar. It is hard to download it even with the greater bandwidth available at a hotel in Vietnam. And subnational data is great. But it is still bound and […]


Information from the 3MDG Fund?

The 3MDG Fund used to send me emails when they had a new press release from their newsroom. Not any more. And there used to be a newsletter. Not any more. http://www.3mdg.org/newsroom It makes you wonder who this information in the 3MDG Fund website is for? Jamie


Bangkok symposium

Here is a notice for the annual Bangkok symposium on HIV medicine. http://www.hivnat.org/bangkoksymposium Good for clinicians of all types. Jamie


Epidemic in northeastern India

Here is an analysis of the epidemic in northeastern India which is connected to the one in northwestern Myanmar. http://www.scirp.org/journal/PaperDownload.aspx?paperID=59940 It uses case detection data which is subject to all the usual selection biases. Jamie


More research

I don’t know if I would say Coca Cola and PEPFAR in the same breath. Maybe. But GMT will always mean Greenwich Mean Time to me. It is good to celebrate the opening of solid research that can inform policy. And even better to celebrate action based on it. Will more testing lead to more […]


More on church-sponsored violence by Patjasan

After the posting about Christian church-sponsored violence in Kachin, I have received the following from an anonymous observer of Pat Ja San. Good intentions or not, the video shows church-sponsored torture by Patjasan. http://www.globalpost.com/article/6684201/2015/11/09/asias-meth-wars Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Interesting coverage on Kachin and Pat Ja San. While Pat Ja San has (supposedly) good intentions and goals, the […]


Facts for Teens

I would be interested in receiving comments from readers on Facts for Teens: https://www.facebook.com/facts4teens.ahead/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Jamie


Church sponsored violence against people who use drugs

Church-sponsored violence by Patjasan against people who use (or do not use) drugs in Kachin. A church is a detention centre. Torture takes place. Excellent investigative reporting and video. This is a good counter to all the euphoric breathless reporting last week. globalpost.com/article/6684201/2015/11/09/asias-meth-wars http://ht.ly/UDaEa Former US DEA official John Whalen features in the vid. Onward, […]


ADB and road safety

I wonder how I can obtain the project document to see exactly how ADB funding will be used to make roads safer and how many lives saved and injuries averted are projected on the 500 km of road. The project data sheet says there are “some gender elements”. Sure enough. Road traffic deaths and injuries […]

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