Study on discrimination in health care settings in Myanmar

Instead of ‘mounting a campaign’ against HIV related discrimination, Asia Catalyst funded community members to interview over two hundred people. There was much discrimination against people living with HIV in health care settings in Myanmar. http://asiacatalyst.org/blog/2016/02/28/5442/#more-5442 There are concrete recommendations. Jamie


CEO of a private hospital

The CEO of a private hospital has a chance to express his views of health in Myanmar. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Dr Gershu Paul, CEO, Pun Hlaing Hospital: Interview Oxford Business Group How would you assess the development of the health sector since the easing of sanctions? DR GERSHU PAUL: There are indications that the changes in […]


New video on malaria in Myanmar

There is a slick new video on malaria in Myanmar with scenes of NGO staff and village people, some of whom have had malaria. There is a dulcet-toned voiceover as well. The narrator says that artemisinin resistance may spread to Africa. It is clear to many of us who do not need to feed propaganda […]


Coca Cola is bad for your health

It is time to talk about sugary drinks including Coca Cola in Myanmar. I watched Coke enter Vietnam in the early nineties and start to kill people. Soda Politics by Marion Nestle is a good place to start. Sugary drinks are bad for your health. They contribute to obesity, diabetes, and death. Coke says it […]


One must be careful

One must be careful in talking about religion and polio. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar carries out major vaccination campaign against polio By Agencies, Citizen Digital, Kenya Published on  22 February 2016 Myanmar carries out major vaccination campaign against polio Myanmar launched a two-day nationwide campaign of polio vaccinations in attempt to eradicate the disease among children […]


Why the silence from Suu Kyi on HIV related discrimination?

Here is a post from a year ago. It has now been three years since Suu Kyi was appointed UNAIDS Global Advocate for Zero Discrimination. Why the silence? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ This week we will all be subjected to cute butterflies and calls for “zero discrimination” as 1 March has been declared some kind of day […]


More on the proposed private Parkway project protest

More on the proposed Parkway project protest. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Petition Campaign Underway Against Private Hospital Project in Rangoon Kyaw Phyo Tha The Irrawaddy Thursday, February 18, 2016 | RANGOON — A petition campaign is underway to push the government to halt a US$70 million international hospital project being built on land owned by the Ministry […]


Protest against proposed private Parkway hospital in Yangon

It is good that health professionals are protesting this ‘public private partnership’. Someone in the government was bound to make money on it. But a broader based movement might be even more effective. And develop a constituency of people who care about how health care is delivered. There is going to be tension between those […]


Myanmar has failed in controlling dengue

If Myanmar has failed in controlling dengue then what hope is there for it to control Zika. Both diseases are spread by the same mosquito. Testing doesn’t help. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar joins labs in India, Thailand to test Zika virus Eleven Myanmar Myanmar has partnered with the Chulalongkorn University lab in Thailand and the NIV-Pune […]


Few innovative activities

Myanmar is still on the list of the highest tuberculosis burden countries in the world. Are there really so few innovative activities being implemented? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Urgent need to scale-up community TB services Scott Berry Feb 12, 2016 On the 28th October last year, WHO announced that TB had overtaken HIV as the leading global […]


No difference between compulsory treatment and noncompulsory treatment

A systematic review of compulsory treatment of drug use disorder has been published. Four hundred and thirty studies were examined but only nine were used. That is not much of an evidence base. There was no difference found between compulsory treatment and noncompulsory treatment. http://www.ijdp.org/article/S0955-3959(15)00358-8/pdf It is good to say that compulsory treatment doesn’t work. […]


Does the NLD have a public and published health policy

In December I questioned whether picking up trash was the best way to deal with a public health problem and presented a range of public policy options for the new government. It is reprinted below. I got this comment from a reader with a valid point: snip “Way to go for the policy level change! […]

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