A million emails

It has just occurred to me that Health in Myanmar or its predecessor HIV Information for Myanmar [him] has sent out emails to over four hundred individuals over 2,500 times. That is over a million emails. Please forward this email to anyone you know who has an interest in health in Myanmar. The instructions on […]


Tobacco and HIV

Read this analysis by Tim France on tobacco and HIV. http://iniscommunication.com/blog/wntd-2016-living-with-hiv-dying-with-ncds The photo looks like cheroot making in Myanmar. Why is there no rage about tobacco which doubles the risk of death in people living with HIV? And for those living with both HIV and tuberculosis, it is even worse. Jammie


Snakebite in Myanmar

English is a strange language. I can’t figure out what this headline means. Why would want to fight snake venom instead of trying to distribute more of it? Or why only venom for snakes that fight? Seriously, I remember the late Hla Htut Lwin talking about his early career experience in rural health care when […]


A midwife in Kachin

One method of contraception in this village of Zino. Injections. And no condoms are available. It would be good to see a story of a midwife working in a Burman area. Near Pakokku, for instance. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Midwives under pressure Ann Wang Frontier Myanmar 25 May 2016 Ask Daw Nayee Ziram how she feels about […]


Award for doctor

You can read about the organisation that gives this award at http://www.citizenofburma.org/. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Doctor Wins ‘Citizen of Burma’ Award Su Myat Mon The Irrawaddy 24 May 24 2016 RANGOON — Dr. Than Min Htut, a medical doctor who provides health care and promotes reproductive health access in villages in rural Shan State, has been […]


Human resources for health numbers

At the present reported ratio, Myanmar would have about thirty thousand doctors. Now you know all the figures. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Health ministry recruits new doctors ttwin Eleven Myanmar Mon, 05/23/2016 – 22:11 The health ministry will recruit new doctors for 1,000 vacant posts under the government’s 100-day initiative. On April 4, the health ministry recruited […]


Sport has to go somewhere

Is the incidence or prevalence of noncommunicable diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and mental disorder decreased by sport? How much? The name change is needed because the number of ministries was decreased and someone wanted to keep sport. It has to go somewhere. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ New ministry requests name change phochan Eleven Myanmar Thu, […]


Black and white photos of human rights violations in Kachin

Here are some black and white photos of torture and other human rights violations against people who use drugs in Kachin. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/in-sight/wp/2016/05/17/harrowing-scenes-of-drug-addiction-in-the-mountains-between-china-and-burma/ Whoever gave the Washington Post photographer access clearly didn’t think they were doing anything wrong. Someone repeats the sourceless figure of 80% of youth having addiction in their community. Do any readers know […]


Devex on harm reduction in Myanmar

Great quote from Willy: “The biggest challenges in the past few years have been crackdowns, including physical abuse, by faith-based groups that are continuing up until this day. A lack of knowledge about addiction and faith-based thinking, like the ‘war on drugs,’ are major issues.” It is good to see him make a statement against […]


Diabetes in Myanmar

World Health Day this year concerned diabetes. Here is information about the marking of the day in Myanmar: http://www.searo.who.int/myanmar/mediacentre/whd2016/en/a And here is a technical one pager: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fm2awfk2mnlm8hj/diabetes%20in%20mm%20one%20page.pdf?dl=0 Sugary drinks are a major contributor to obesity and diabetes around the world. Especially i Asia. In no documents does the word ‘drink’ appear. How long can WHO […]


Why are NCDs so neglected?

Why are noncommunicable diseases so neglected? http://iniscommunication.com/blog/5-reasons-for-the-malignant-neglect-of-ncds/ Let Tim France count the ways. Jamie


Occupational health

Occupational health does not appear to be part of the responsibility of the Ministry of Health. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Denmark to support new initiative to ensure safe and healthy workplaces Mizzima Thursday, 21 April 2016 Today, U Thein Swe, Union Minister of Labour, Immigration and Population of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar welcomed Mr. […]

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