Dengue down?

There are many reasons that the number of dengue infections and the number of reported dengue cases fluctuates year by year. “Infection control measures” is just one reason. And a difficult one to attribute changes to. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Dengue infections down but govt ‘remains alert’ Shwe Yee Saw Myint Myanmar Times Thursday, 23 June 2016 […]


Bad news about malaria

Bad news from this flurry of articles on malaria and drug resistance. Not all of them are clear, but I think I understand: 1) Artemisinin combination therapy, a major tool in the quixotic goal of malaria elimination in Myanmar, is losing its effectiveness. Perhaps hundreds of millions of dollars are riding on it. That money […]


'New' 3MDG Fund annual report

Chance encounters at a Support Don’t Punish event and at the Dhammazedi Road supermarket reminded me that this posting has been sitting in my outbox. Three weeks after its release, I got an email from the The 3MDG Fund informing me that the annual report for 2015 was out: http://3mdg.org/library/item/download/629_2433a554cedef4aa777b30d95a704ada There are many comments that […]


I was wrong

Just yesterday I said there were no Burmese language websites on sex and sexuality. I was wrong. But ပညာလို အိုသည်မရှိ. Here is one: thiloyarmay.org Please let me know what you think of it. Jamie


Sex and sexuality education and information

It is nice that a few children learn about sex in school or after school. Please take a moment to consider how YOU learned a lot about sex. Was it in school? I am deeply disappointed that there is still so little active, up to date, progressive sex and sexuality information in the Burmese language […]


Excellent interview on drugs in Myanmar

Too often the mainstream media reporting on drugs or HIV or both in Myanmar take a few UN stats, a couple of nice quotes, and some unsubstantiated assertions to scratch together an article. Congrats to Liz Gooch of Aljazeera and Nang Pann Ei Kham for this interview that breaks that mold. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Poppylands: Understanding […]


Buildings constructed by the 3MDG Fund

That is a lot of health centres being built by the 3 MDG Fund. Eighty. I’ve remarked before that paying for buildings increases the burn rate of funds. Er, how much will they cost? What percentage of the total 3MDGF budget is spent on buildings? It is not in the indecipherable last page of financials […]


Asian Development Bank project on HIV is still stalled

The Asian Development Bank President just visited Myanmar. Did he get an update on this HIV project. It would have been a short update because the project has been stalled and inactive for two years. It has, in fact, not begun. http://www.adb.org/projects/46490-001/main#project-pds It was ill-conceived anyway. Jamie


Primer on diabetes for Myanmar

Here is a primer on diabetes for Myanmar. What is the proportional prevalence of diabetes in rural areas and urban areas? Sugary drinks include fizzy drinks like Coca Cola. Do you see their marketing everywhere? Even near schools? Though any drink that tastes sweet is a sugary drink. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Diabetes: Myanmar’s hidden health threat […]


Family planning in Chin State

I look forward to more analysis of family planning (and reproductive health) in Myanmar in the mainstream media. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Baby blues: rural Myanmar’s desperate need for family planning services Charlotte England in Chin State The Guardina Thursday 16 June 2016 04.00 EDT Ngun Bil Sung has been helping women give birth for 32 years, […]


More on the betel battle

I am sorry if I annoy readers with one more posting about betel but the entire betel battle is fascinating. It would make an excellent case study on health policy for students at the University of Public Health, Yangon. The country still needs a comprehensive and cohesive policy on betel consumption. Read this one … […]


Five years

Five years of Myanmar Artemisinin Resistance Containment. Here are some lessons. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Challenges encountered by local health volunteers in early diagnosis and prompt treatment of malaria in Myanmar artemisinin resistance containment zones. Nyunt MH1, Aye KM2, Kyaw KT2, Han SS2, Aye TT2, Wai KT2, Kyaw MP2. Malar J. 2016 Jun 6;15(1):308. Abstract BACKGROUND: After […]

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