Assessment of decentralised HIV treatment services in Myanmar

It is rare to see a peer reviewed paper on HIV in Myanmar. Especially one that demonstrates the significant shortcomings of the health care system in responding to HIV. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ An Assessment of Decentralization of Antiretroviral Therapy in Myanmar. Htun Nyunt Oo, Fujita M, Yu D, Ye Nyunt, et al. (2016) ART is being […]


NCD programme

Where can one find details of this noncommunicable disease programme. Is it prevention or treatment or both? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ New commitments made to fight non-communicable diseases Kyaw Ko Ko Myanmar Times Wednesday, 07 September 2016 Just as Southeast Asia announced a declaration to fight non-communicable diseases, the Mandalay Region Public Health Department announced a new […]


New glossies for nonhealth ministries

Here is a set of new glossies produced by UNDP. http://www.undp.org/content/undp/en/home/librarypage/hiv-aids/what-government-ministries-need-to-know-about-non-communicable-diseases.html The are backgrounders for nonhealth sectors, especially governmental ministries, on prevention of noncommunicable diseases. What do you think of them? Are they helpful? Jamie


New drug policy?

I am always concerned when a new policy is said to be ‘in the works’ but the public and professional consultation process has not yet begun. UNODC has a mandate of supply reduction and demand reduction. Harm reduction is sometimes an afterthought if the staff are there to promote it. Will it be included? Do […]


Corporate social responsibility?

Thanks to an observant reader for pointing out this article to me. Sometimes I need a good laugh. ‘Corporate social responsibility’ is a farce for tobacco and sugary drinks companies. British American Tobacco and Coca Cola should not get awards. They cause illness and death by influencing the ‘commercial determinants’ of health. The companies and […]


Regardless of religion and ethnic background

Here is a feature article about Sister Mary. “The interaction of people regardless of religion and ethnic backgrounds is needed to obtain essential services” Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Making a difference for mothers living with HIV in Myanmar John Zaw, Yangon Myanmar September 15, 2016 “Come and meet the people and see how they live,” says Sister […]


Thought piece on sex work in Myanmar

An excellent thought piece on sex work in Myanmar. I don’t like to take issue with anyone brave enough to write about touchy subjects. But there is little evidence that microfinance makes life safer for sex workers and I know of none that it decreases HIV incidence. If the goal of microfinance is to get […]


Human resources for health

Human resources for health is a large and complex field. This article hits some important points. Health care workers need both reasonable remuneration but also want to work in an environment where their rights and the rights of their patients are respected. Nurses and doctors are only two of the many health care providers that […]


Health workers in 1988

Today is a good day to read about health workers in 1988. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ From the Archive: The Heroic Medics of the 8888 Uprising Kyaw Zwa Moe from the Irrawaddy archive September 19, 2016 Twenty-eight years ago, demonstrations across Burma demanded an end to Gen Ne Win’s military dictatorship. After government troops opened fire on […]


Punitive crime reduction measures against drug use

Here is more evidence that “the current government’s approach has appeared to be almost solely focused on punitive crime reduction measures” on drugs. Sad. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Despite pledges for reform, addicts sent to prison instead of rehab Thu Thu Aung Myanmar Times 8 September 2016 Police in Muse township raided a drug user’s house and […]


Is there horror in the lives of these women?

Is there horror in the lives of these women? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Lending a hand to women living with HIV Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint Myanmar Times Friday, 09 September 2016 The beauty and sweetness of the dolls belie the horror in the lives of the women who make them. Those cute Nilar dolls you can […]


A few comments on the National Strategic Plan for HIV

I’ve taken a peek at the final draft of the National Strategic Plan for HIV. A few comments: Incidence in people who inject drugs There is no information on the trajectory of the epidemic among people who inject drugs. Is it increasing? Was this information intentionally excluded? Migrants The inclusion of migrants is absurd. “Estimates […]

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