A lot of money

I’ve received no official confirmation but I heard that Myanmar has been allocated over $400 million by the Global Fund for 2017 – 2020 implementation for the three diseases. That is a lot of money. Are the townships in the regions mentioned below in the list of priority townships for HIV in the national strategic […]


Two articles

Here are two articles recently published about HIV. Both are light on content and both were published long after the event that they were supposed to cover. The first one is two weeks late and the second one three months late. The important news, that Myanmar has made a major achievement in starting people living […]


Comment on USAID programme

You can comment on a proposed USAID programme in maternal and child health and health systems strengthening in Myanmar. http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=290726 Transparency is always good. Comments close early in the new year. Jamie


Prevention 2

Some readers may know Jan who wrote this piece on four elements of HIV prevention among men who have sex with men and transgender women. He introduces “three strategies that have been found to have some positive preventative effect”. My emphasis on some. He is right that UNAIDS has called for a renewed push for […]


Myanmar drug policy consultations

Here is a well crafted press release now that the Myanmar drug policy consultations are over. Although “the stage is set for 2017” it does not say what the next act will be. Posting a draft policy? Public consultations on the draft policy? Who knows? The Ministry of Health will rightly take the lead on […]


Drug use in camps in Kachin

This is an excellent press article about drug use in the camps for people displaced by civil war in Kachin. Hopelessness and availability of cheap heroin are not a good combination for young men. Sorry to contradict Kong Dau but the scientific evidence is that sterile needle and syringe distribution programmes do not encourage drug […]


Drug use disorders are a health problem

The Minister of Health and Sports is correct when he says that drug use disorders are a health problem. He deserves respect and support for the hard work ahead. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Minister: Drug use a ‘public health problem’ Pyae Thet Phyo Myanmar Times Tuesday, 13 December 2016 Minister for Health and Sport Dr Myint Htwe […]


Tobacco tale

This is a fascinating story of tobacco company interference in tobacco control in Myanmar. And a lack of enforcement by the Ministry of Healthy. If the Ministry of Health or the tobacco company chooses to leak to the press the ‘permission letter’ then we might get closer to truth. The Myanmar Times does not come […]


Work of Sister Martha

It is rare for an article to appear about the work of Sister Martha. We are lucky to have this one. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ One nun’s fearless compassion for HIV/AIDS affected people John Zaw Ucanews Dec 09, 2016 Like many people in Myanmar, Sr Martha Mya Thwe from Maygon village in central Myanmar used to be […]


Survey in Kachin

Information is necessary but not sufficient to change behaviour. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Kachin youth need more information on HIV, STD transmission: report Myint Kay Thi Myanmar Times Tuesday, 06 December 2016 HIV/AIDS is ravaging rural Kachin State as most residents feel they have little or no access to confidential counselling, condoms, or information about sexually transmitted […]


This is not a new method

When I first read the headline I was hopeful. Then I read the article. The informant Mai Aike Naing makes clear that the mandatory detention, which may last up to two years, is punishment. There is nothing in the article to show that there is evidence-informed health treatment for the people with drug use disorder. […]


Still smoking in Shan

A helpful reader informs me that the smokefree Shan cities initiative begins in 2020. So ill health rules for four more years. Jamie

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