Better term

I’m still learning to call road ‘accidents’ by the better term of road injuries caused by collisions or crashes. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Three-day ‘blitz’ to focus on NCDs, mental health and accidents Thomas Kean Frontier Myanmar 26 Jan 2017 YANGON — Health professionals, government officials, CSO representatives and spiritual leaders will gather in Yangon early next […]


PEPFAR 2017 rough guide for civil society

Here it is: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/healthgap/pages/249/attachments/original/1485789183/PEPFAR_2017_rough_guide_for_CSOs.pdf?1485789183 Where is Myanmar, or what Americans call Burma? Jamie


Betel again

Betel raises a red flag again. Betel is a risk factor for oral cancer. But Swe Swe Win did not mention three other scientifically-proven risk factors: tobacco, alcohol, and human papilloma virus (HPV). So there are four completely modifiable risk factors. Awareness raising is not a solution to a problem. It is necessary but not […]


Link Up in Myanmar

Here is a journal article on Link Up, implemented in Myanmar by the Alliance. http://www.jahonline.org/article/S1054-139X(16)30350-0/fulltext The authors suggest that it cannot be proved to be successful in getting more young men who have sex with men knowledgeable and tested. They say this is because it had limited coverage and was too short. Were programmes changed […]


Interview with Htar Htar

Here is one of my heroes: Htar Htar of Akhaya Women. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Untold Stories: Let’s Talk About Sex – In Myanmar Sutirtha Sahariah News Deeply Women and Girls 24 January 2017 As a young girl, Htar Htar was taught to be subservient and submissive, constantly reminded by her father that she didn’t have choices […]


Three thousand emails

Some of the earliest emails sent out by HIV Information for Myanmar [him] were not numbered. But my email archive dating from 2005 shows me that this is at least the 3,000th time I have sent out an email with the [him] label. Health in Myanmar [him] covers many aspects of health. It is no […]


Discussion of suicide

Is it time for honest discussion of suicide in Myanmar? Blaming social media will not address depression and lack of mental health services. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Medic blames online bullying for suicide Ei Thinzar Kyaw Eleven 08/13/2016 At least two or three out of 100,000 people in Myanmar committed suicide a year and most of them […]


Begin treatment the same day as testing

“Treatment preparedness” is dead. The results are better when ‘test and treat’ occurs on the same day. Jamie ******************** Same-day HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy initiation results in higher rates of treatment initiation and retention in care PRESENTER Serena Koenig AUTHORS S. Koenig1,2, N. Dorvil2, P. Severe2, C. Riviere2, M. Faustin2, C. Perodin2, C. Paul2, […]


Tuberculosis is number one among infectious diseases

It is true that tuberculosis or TB is the most common single infectious disease causing ill health and death in Myanmar. But heart and blood vessel diseases are number one. Put the word Myanmar into the controls on the left on this webpage to see. https://vizhub.healthdata.org/gbd-compare/ Most people are infected when they are young. Not […]



Prep prep prep prep prep. You hear a lot about PrEP these days. Here is a commentary about pre-exposure propylaxis among people who use drugs. http://www.jiasociety.org/index.php/jias/article/view/21112/pdf_1 There is little evidence that PrEP prevents bloodborne HIV transmission in people who inject drugs. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=9&ved=0ahUKEwi71oTwm87RAhVHxWMKHVMrBIwQFghNMAg&url=http%3A%2F%2Fapps.who.int%2Firis%2Fbitstream%2F10665%2F128115%2F1%2FWHO_HIV_2014.10_eng.pdf&usg=AFQjCNH3-Q4uUAWyqXczfdxEc1qH_N-jpw&cad=rja Jamie


Health research in Myanmar

It is worth taking a peek at the Minister’s recent speech on health research in Myanmar to see the positive direction it may go. http://www.moh.gov.mm/file/45th%20MHRC.pdf Jamie


Lives on Loan

Lives on Loan is an important start in understanding the lives of the urban poor. https://www.google.com/search?q=lives+on+loan+myanmar&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 It is interesting to see that most respondents list noncommunicable diseases as the most common ones they have to deal with. Then the recommendations focus on infectious and maternal child health ones. Jamie

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