Healthy foods in the news

Oils and ‘unhealthy foods’ are in the news. Why is the food and drug administration not mentioned in either of these two articles? http://www.fdamyanmar.gov.mm/index.php/en/ BTW, peanut, sunflower, and sesame oil are healthy diet choices. Palm oil is not. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Myanmar takes aim at fake cooking oil Myanmar Times / Bangkok Post 25 Feb 2017 […]


3MDG Fund and harm reduction

It is good to see the 3MDG Fund support harm reduction in Myanmar. Harm reduction will have a bigger impact on the reduction of HIV incidence in the country than all other interventions. This press release appears to present HIV testing as HIV prevention. It is not. Does the Washawng drop-in-Centre in Kachin State really […]


Drug policy and drug law in Myanmar

Where are the outputs from the recent consultation convened by CCDAC and UNODC? Will a new drug policy and drug law be made without enough community consultation? Jamie +++++++++++++++ Advocacy Group Calls for Reform of Burma’s Drug Laws and Policies Thazin Hlaing The Irrawaddy 17 February 2017 RANGOON — The Drug Policy Advocacy Group (DPAG) […]


3MDG Fund builds buildings

I remember when the 3MDG Fund used to give grants for community action against the three disease. Now they build buildings. This will increase the burn rate. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ 3 MDG to fund $3.1 million for TB project Ei Tinzar Kyaw Eleven Mon, 02/13/2017 – 17:12 The 3 MDG (Three Millennium Development Goal) Fund said […]


Road safety in Myanmar

This is the best article on road safety that I’ve seen yet in the mainstream media in Myanmar. It covers both driver and road issues and ponders some of the imponderables such as driver side/driving side disonance and drunk driving. Have the number of crashes decreased on the section of the Yangon/Naypyitaw highway that was […]


A new WR for Myanmar

A new World Health Organization Representative WR for Myanmar. Welcome back Stephan Jost. http://www.who.int/countries/mmr/en/ Jamie


PEPFAR reports

Longterm readers of Health in Myanmar know that the moderator has been critical of PEPFAR efforts in HIV prevention. The new annual PEPFAR report is a treat. Birx’s emphasis on data is showing. http://www.pepfar.gov/documents/organization/267809.pdf You can see both decreases in the incidence rate and the number of new infections. There are still a million people […]


NCDs risk factors and socioeconomic status

I have seen how the ‘poverty causes AIDS’ trope has hindered HIV prevention efforts for over twenty years. It is time to think more clearly about noncommunicable diseases or NCDs. In him 2685 and at http://hivinfo4mm.org/ncd-risk-factors-urbanisation-and-poverty-in-myanmar/ I posted a paper showing differences in risk factors for the four classical NCDs of cardiovascular disease, chronic lung […]


Artemisinin resistance review

Here is a remarkable new paper on artemisinin resistance. https://t.co/SbvFcLSnZ6 It makes me smile to think “rallying behind a common narrative” … is “a prerequisite” for malaria eradication in the Mekong. There are big egos involved. Authors of his paper don’t even consider that malaria artemesinin resistance will develop de novo in countries of Africa. […]


Two good pieces of news from MoHS

Here are two pieces of good news out of the Ministry of Health and Sports: more research funding and the development of a better digital health information system. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Health ministry plans to increase funding for medical research Myint Kay Thi Myanmar Times Wednesday, 18 January 2017 State-funded medical research will receive a slight […]


Call for Youth LEAD focal points

Call for New Youth LEAD Country Focal Points 2017 Youth LEAD is currently looking for new members in the Asia Pacific Region. We are currently seeking expression of interest from YKP activists or Young activists who are working closely with Young Key Populations and including those in adolescent age. Interested applicant should be between the […]


Informercial on village health funds

Here is an informercial on village health funds. Jamie ******************** Preventing needless deaths through village health funds TANIELE GOFERS & KHALEB BROOKS FRONTIER FOR DECADES, people in Pan Par village, Mindat Township, Chin State, have suffered regularly from illnesses including malaria, diarrhea and skin infections. Women died during childbirth because the nearest hospital was more […]

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