Facebook, fear, and H1N1

As Myanmar users of Facebook amplify hate speech and increase genocidal intent, it is worth looking at how social media ‘worked’ during the early part of the recent H1H1 outbreak. Disclosure: I’m quoted. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Facebook Users Created a Fake Swine Flu Epidemic Eli Meixler Vice Tonic Aug 23 2017, 10:00am Myint Oo learned about […]


Bizarre antismoking action

This is bizarre. 1) Why are the names of the medical universities that allow smoking not published? 2) Why is this initiative only in medical universities? Smoking should be banned in all Myanmar universities. Myanmar and its ‘Foundations’ are going to have to up their game to decrease tobacco use. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Medical universities review […]


Preventing stroke

This article on stroke is fascinating. It is mostly gobbledygoop. The main risk factors for stroke are the same risk factors for most noncommunicable diseases: unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, harmful alcohol use, and tobacco smoking. The article says that stroke is due to ‘lifestyle’ as if it is all the fault of the person who […]


New report on NCDs in Myanmar

I’m back. There is a new report out. ‘An Assessment of Available Evidence on NCDs and their Risk Factors in Myanmar’. You can download it https://buff.ly/2wH2paL. This is a good overview of available data and information. Most of the information is not up to date and I’m not sure that I would call it evidence. […]


Six minutes of weirdness on H1N1

Six minutes of weirdness on H1N1 from WHO. Burmese language subtitles. !!! Jamie


Relevant for Myanmar

Please take a look at some of the material that Scott Berry is posting. http://www.sbchealthnet.com/ Much of it is relevant for health in Myanmar. Jamie


Myanmar leads the world in rabies

Myanmar leads the world in rabies. http://journals.plos.org/plosntds/article?id=10.1371/journal.pntd.0005424 Comments? Jamie


H1N1 WHO recommendations for Myanmar

Here are H1N1 WHO recommendations for Myanmar. 1 Wearing face masks in public is not recommended. 2 Wash your hands. 3 Practice cough/sneeze hygiene. 4 Keep a distance between you and others. You can read them yourself: http://www.who.int/ith/diseases/si_iAh1n1/en/ … http://www.who.int/…/sw…/frequently_asked_questions/what/en/ … #H1N1 @WHO recommendations for #Myanmar 1 Wearing face masks in public is not recommended. […]


New UNAIDS data

Have you seen the data on Myanmar from the new UNAIDS report? https://www.dropbox.com/s/08rsilwv8qa40wo/mm%20page%20from%20data%20book.pdf?dl=0 Good on Myanmar for increasing treatment access. A few questions, of course. How was it determined that all adults on HIV treatment have achieved viral suppression? Is there universal access to viral load testing? Why is the CD4 threshold still 500 one […]


Burden of disease in Burmese language

Although everyone is focused on H1N1 these days, there are other health issues to consider. Have you seen the Global Burden of Disease treemap in the Burmese language? Home You can move your mouse over the diagramme for more information. Noncommunicable diseases are the main cause of DALYs. Jamie


Another lung problem

H1N1 is important. Here is a report on another lung problem. Read a report on tobacco in Southeast Asia. http://seatca.org/?p=11483 Tobacco taxation increases are needed. What is stopping Myanmar from doing this? Jamie

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