Cancer of the cervix

This article on cancer of the cervix is light on details. I thought I might see articles in other publications on this topic but I guess they are busy reporting on other topics. There are two ways to ‘control’ cervical cancer. One is primary prevention through human papilloma virus HPV vaccination. The second is secondary […]



Budget, Buddhist monks, hepatitisB, and bytes at Dr Htein Win’s free clinic. Watch this. Jamie


New app

I asked this question previously but did not get a clear answer. Does the new Burmese language app on sexuality have information on same sex orientation, masturbation, and female sexual pleasure? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ UN Agency, Ministries Launch ‘Life and Love’ App Aimed at Young People Nyein Nyein The Irrawaddy 20 December 2017 YANGON – To […]


Good on Ma Thazin

Good on Ma Thazin. It takes courage to work in HIV prevention. Sharing razor blades does not transmit HIV. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Of monks and men Nyo Me Myanmar Times 14 December 2017 A GROUP of 45 novice monks and 10th grade students sit on the floor of the classroom, their focus fixed to a woman […]


MSF reports

In case you want to read them, here are the MSF reports on the atrocities committed in Rakhine state. http://www.msf.org/sites/msf.org/files/report-rohingyas-emergency-17-vf1.pdf http://www.msf.org/sites/msf.org/files/coxsbazar_healthsurveyreport_dec2017_final1.pdf I trust MSF reports. Jamie


Access to HIV treatment for female sex workers in Myanmar

At a recent conference in Vietnam, Dr Yin Thet Nu Oo presented data on access to HIV treatment for female sex workers who were diagnosed with HIV infection in Myanmar. A retrospective cohort study. Among the 102 women referred for care, 90% were successfully referred and 76% were on HIV treatment. Over 90% of them […]


Mass killings cannot be denied

Medecins sans Frontieres in its various manifestations is a respected longterm nongovernmental partner in health in Myanmar. It has published the results of scientific surveys it has undertaken among people who have recently fled Myanmar. “These surveys provide epidemiological evidence of high rates of mortality among the Rohingya population due to violence, and suggest that […]


R and D funds update

Remember the research and development funds from a while back? http://hivinfo4mm.org/r-d-funds/ Here are the proposal guidelines. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5rt0ul1qpdlgctm/Proposal%20guidline.docx?dl=0 And comments from a reader: “the selection process for those who received the grant is not transparent and no one knows who got it and who didn’t get it” Jamie


Why the difference?

How many people living with HIV in Myanmar began antiretroviral treatment in 2016? In 2017? Why the difference? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Health authorities aim to detect up to 20,000 new HIV patients in ’18 Myint Kay Thi Myanmar Times 08 DEC 2017 The National AIDS Program of the Ministry of Health and Sports aims to detect […]


Him on Facebook

Please take time out from reading this Health in Myanmar [him] email and go to https://www.facebook.com/healthinmyanmar/. And please follow it. You can read all emails there if you want. They are posted there at the same time they are sent by email. Jamie


Nestle in Yangon

Eleven Myanmar appears to be doing public relations work for Nestle. There is no good news in this announcement. Nestle has long been a transnational rogue company with an unhealthy product line causing disability and death. https://www.zmescience.com/science/nestle-company-pollution-children/ The Myanmar production of Nestle products is an example of a commercial determinant of health. Think about it. […]


Something new about areca and tobacco

How is that betel campaign progressing? Here is something new about areca and tobacco. It is a must read for anyone interested in the science of ‘betel’. https://www.dropbox.com/s/klr9epkphfpjxzd/betel%20agenda.pdf?dl=0 Jamie

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