A comment on my post without comment

My post without comment yesterday has led to a comment from a reader. Brilliant.



In 2017 the Government was collecting input from INGOs for the Kofi Annan commission a few weeks before the commission recommendations came out.

A respected INGO from health sector with operations in Rakhine observed that staff from Ministry of Health and Sports generally have very good attitudes on serving the diverse communities in the area. They were described as fair, reasonably non-discriminatory, receptive, tolerant and positive towards 'the others'. But the problem was that local radical groups prevented the MoHS staff from serving 'the others'; even threats and obstructions were used so that MoHS could not provide services.

So the MoHS staff, and their counterpart service providers from INGOs, should not only receive regulations and awareness for 'equal health care', they but also should receive 'protection' so that they can provide services equitably, and so that they can be the public service personnel meeting their own professional aspirations.

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