Here is an attempt to decrease infant mortality.



Ministry targets newborn health

The Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health and Sports has unveiled its plan to provide infant health care at village clinics.

Dr Myint Myint Than, director at the infant health-care department, told a forum: “Village health-care centres attached to labour wards will have newborn care corners. There will be 1,500 of them in 144 townships nationwide.”

Emergency kits will be also provided to save newborns in critical condition.

She said newborns were so vulnerable to the surroundings and infections and 50 out of every 1,000 under-fives died and most of them before their first birthday.

“According to a demographic health survey, 60 per cent of the under-five deaths are newborns. Most of the causes were preventive, such as low birth weight and premature labour.”

The integrated management of childhood illness will be provided in health-care centres in 174 townships.


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