Progress on NCDs

This think piece by WHO HQ on NCDs is worth noting. http://www.who.int/ncds/governance/high-level-commission/why-2018-important-year-for-NCDs.pdf?ua=1 You can see the score for Myanmar. Jamie


Implementation of the new drug 'control' policy

Myanmar has a new drug ‘control’ policy. Good. Harm reduction, decriminalisation, treatment for substance use disorder. It is all in there. https://www.unodc.org/documents/southeastasiaandpacific//2018/02/Myanmar_Drug_Control_Policy.pdf Now rapid implementation is needed. Does the new drug law reflect the new policy or does it need to be rewritten? Who is monitoring implementation of the new policy? Is there a civil […]


More funding opportunities

More funding opportunities … http://www.initiative5pour100.fr/en/partnerships-and-expertise/calls-for-proposals/ Jamie



No figures are presented. Is this a prevalent problem or not? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Reducing harm for families of people who use drugs NINA MARGARETA HØIE & TANIELE GOFERS | FRONTIER Monday, February 12, 2018 MA DOI JA knew her husband was injecting drugs. But one day when she accompanied him to a hospital in the […]


Public health failure

Not everyone is going to be happy to see me write this. But a public health failure cannot be ignored. Seth Berkley is CEO of the GAVI Alliance which supports Myanmar’s vaccination programme. He points out that the diphtheria epidemic among Rohingya in Bangladesh “clearly indicates a major public health failure, which has compromised the […]


Heart centre based on an Indian model

Have any plans been approved for this heart centre based on an Indian model? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Why Myanmar Wants to Replicate Puducherry’s Healthcare Model Sanchari Pal October 24, 2017, 3:53 pm Impressed by Puducherry’s initiatives in the health sector, Myanmar has decided to take a leaf out of the UT’s book and replicate the successful […]


Progress on TB in Myanmar

The Myanmar report is on page 178 of the Global Tuberculosis Report. Incidence, mortality, and case finding in the country are not improving. http://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/10665/259366/1/9789241565516-eng.pdf?ua=1 But just search the whole report for the word Myanmar to see how Myanmar compares with the rest of the world. Global progress on controlling tuberculosis is poor. But the global […]


Diet advice

The salt and sodium recommendations in this interview are sound. Most of the other advice is iffy. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Limit your salt and sugar intake no byline Myanmar Times 30 January 2018 Following are some suggestions and recommendations given by Nutrition Specialist Dr Daw Win Win Myint during an exclusive interview last week with The […]


What *are* HIV priorities in Asia

A few days ago I posted four perspectives on HIV priorities in Asia from Amfar. http://www.amfar.org/perspectives-priority/ Thanks to a reader who had this response: “It is interesting to note that the 4 people interviewed come from relatively democratic countries where somehow communities have a voice in the HIV response. Still many countries in Asia-Pacific doesn’t […]


3MDG Fund news

News from the 3MDG Fund. “It will, likewise, include implementation of post-miscarriage care guidelines and standard operation procedures at public sector hospitals, cervical cancer prevention and treatment, and procurement of syphilis test kits to strengthen syphilis testing among pregnant women.” Good to see postabortion care funded. And I hope that syphilis is treated as well […]


Interview on the law and sex work in Myanmar

This is an informative interview on the law and sex work in Myanmar. He tells it like it is. “What is important is in any society, there should be no business that exploits the poor.” Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Lawmakers Work to Amend the Suppression of Prostitution Act Thazin Laing The Irrawaddy 23 January 2018 The Suppression […]


Perspectives on ending AIDS in Asia

Amfar has published four perspectives on priorities in ending AIDS in Asia. Comments? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ PERSPECTIVES: What should be the highest priority in 2018 for ending AIDS in the Asia-Pacific region? AMFAR Tuesday, January 23, 2018 At the beginning of 2018, we asked four experts living and working on the front lines of the epidemic […]

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