Donors depart the 3MDG Fund

Looks like Australia, Denmark and the European Union will no longer contribute to the 3MDG Fund after the end of the year.



3MDG pledges $40m in new funds to support health sector in 2018
3MDG Fund
6 July, 2017

YANGON, 6 July 2017: The Three Millennium Development Goal Fund will be extended for another year with around $40 million of new funding available to support the health sector in Myanmar.

The decision to extend the Fund until the end of 2018 was agreed by four donors, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States who between them will provide the additional financing. The Fund was previously due to end in 2017.

This extension signals the commitment of the donors to the health of the people of Myanmar, and recognizes that, though challenges remain, there are significant reasons for optimism for the health system.

These include increased public spending on health, a newly launched National Health Plan and a commitment of the government to universal health coverage by 2030. Collaboration and co-ordination between the Ministry of Health and Sports, ethnic health organizations, local authorities and other partners continues to improve.

The Fund will be closely aligned with the Ministry, particularly in support to the implementation of the National Health Plan. This includes improving human resources for health, public financial management and information management systems. 3MDG will also work closely with ethnic health organizations to strengthen health services in conflict areas, as well as continuing to prioritize voices of the community by working more with local partners.

The extension was developed in co-ordination with the Ministry of Health and Sports and based on lessons learned throughout the lifetime of the 3MDG Fund. The total value of the Fund from 2012 to 2017 is around USD 284 million.

Australia, Denmark and the European Union have also contributed to 3MDG.

Oren Ginzburg, 3MDG Fund Director said the extension was an opportunity to become more efficient and effective, and ensure the Fund’s efforts reach the most vulnerable people.

“In 2018, we will have a larger proportion of the Fund dedicated to health systems strengthening, in particular focusing on building sustainable systems which will exist long after the Fund ends. This will make a lasting contribution to the health of the people of Myanmar.”
3MDG will continue to deliver primary health care services at the community level. Focus will remain on delivering maternal and child health services and combatting TB and Malaria in rural and hard-to-reach areas. Critical work in harm reduction to respond to the epidemics of drug use and HIV infection amongst people who inject drugs will also continue.

Since the Fund began in 2013, this work has had significant results, including the distribution of more than 35 million needles and syringes for safe injecting; nearly 2 million malaria tests taken and read and more than 2,000 patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis receiving treatment and support. Mothers and babies also had a better to chance of accessing the care they need through pregnancy, childbirth and early life. This included nearly 220,000 children immunized with pentavalent vaccine, nearly 150,000 births attended by a skilled person and more than 44,000 women receiving emergency referral support to hospital when they needed it.


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