New alliance for NCDs in Myanmar

An alliance is needed for NCDs in Myanmar. True partnership is needed rather than competition for funding.

I can't help noticing there is only one woman in a roomful of men in the photo.



Non-Communicable Disease: Preparations Underway To Form NCD Alliance
6 November 2017

As non-communicable disease (NCD) case is on the rise in Myanmar, preparations are underway to form NCD Alliance in Myanmar, and a meeting was held in Yangon on Monday.

About 600,000 to 700,000 people lost their lives in the country due to the cancers linked to tobacco use.

Cancer, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and hypertension are common in Myanmar. It is important to have collaboration among NGOs in NCD field to fight against NCD, People’s Health Foundation President said.

President, People’s Health Foundation, Dr. Than Sein said “We notice NCD case is on the rise in Myanmar. There are ways to prevent as well as diagnosis. For that, it’s necessary to have collaboration among the stakeholders in NCD field … in that way, we can figure out how to control it effectively.”

One of the most common NCDs, cancer has killed 60,000 to 70,000 people in 2012 according to Globocan. Lung, liver and intestine cancers are common in the country. There are about 15 NGOs which are working in NCD field in different ways for different diseases like cancer and diabetes as well as drug addiction.

President, Myanmar Oncology Society, Prof. Soe Aung said “Collaboration among the NGOs in NCD field is weak, I think. Although there are many organizations working in NCD field in the country, we don’t have a nationwide data. We must strengthen collaboration.”

Member, Central Executive Committee (MANA), Dr. Aung Thaw said “Drug addiction is one of the NCDs. So our organization has been carrying out educative program, healing and rehabilitation. We will cooperate with other NGOs which are working in the NCD field.”

The 2nd day meeting on the establishment of NCD Alliance is set to be held on Tuesday.


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