New alliance for NCDs in Myanmar

An alliance is needed for NCDs in Myanmar. True partnership is needed rather than competition for funding. I can’t help noticing there is only one woman in a roomful of men in the photo. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Non-Communicable Disease: Preparations Underway To Form NCD Alliance MITV 6 November 2017 As non-communicable disease (NCD) case is on […]


Lack of funding for treatment

The lack of funding for treatment is probably the biggest HIV story in Myanmar in 2017. I wonder why the mainstream media is not covering it. Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Discrimination and Fear Hamper HIV Eradication in Myanmar Rik Glauert The Irrawaddy 3 November 2017 YANGON — While Myanmar has been celebrating triumphs in controlling its HIV […]


Why are deaths and injuries decreasing on the death highway?

I assume that deaths and injuries on the Yangon Mandalay highway will continue at the same rate this month and next. So the number of deaths and injuries has decreased from last year. Why? The article doesn’t say. There may be driver, car, and road reasons. Knowing about them could lead to interventions that will […]


Safety conference

This safety conference is close by. http://www.worldsafety2018.org/abstract/call_for_abstract What a great opportunity for Myanmar government and civil society to show the progress made in road safety in Myanmar … Scholarships, too. Jamie


Free online course on humanitarian response to conflict

Here is a free online course on the Humanitarian Response to Conflict and Disaster https://www.edx.org/course/humanitarian-response-conflict-disaster-harvardx-ph558x-0 Hurry and register. Jamie


Is the enabling environment improving?

Looking forward to progressive changes in laws and their implementation. In the meantime, is the enabling environment in the country improving, or only in some places? Jamie ++++++++++++++++++ Better policies for at-risk populations, including people living with HIV 3MDG Fund 17 October, 2017 In areas of Myanmar, crackdowns against sex work and drug use can […]


What vaccines are being provided?

This Myanmar Times article about vaccination has important information missing. “The Myanmar government is currently providing 10 types of vaccines per child free of charge since July 2016.” What are they? Parents have a right to know the list of vaccines the state is providing free so they can access them for their children. Jamie […]


Progress on NCDs

Here is a report monitoring progress on NCDs. http://www.who.int/nmh/publications/ncd-progress-monitor-2017/en/ You can see the mixed progress in the Myanmar report on page 132. The country still does not have a costed national integrated NCD policy, strategy, or action plan. Jamie


Noncommunicable diseases rising

Take a moment to look at this data on Myanmar from the Global Burden of Disease study. And see those noncommunicable diseases rising. http://www.healthdata.org/myanmar More here: http://ghdx.healthdata.org/gbd-2016 Jamie


Census report on children and youth

This census report on children and youth in Myanmar makes for some sad reading. http://myanmar.unfpa.org/en/publications/thematic-report-children-and-youth More boys die than girls in the first years of life. Page 54. Jamie


New HIV treatment guidelines

Here are the new Guidelines for the Clinical Management of HIV in Myanmar Fifth Edition 2017 https://www.dropbox.com/s/37oxe6qu9fz5plj/mm%20hiv%20mgt%20guidelines%202017.pdf?dl=0 It is recommended that all people with HIV begin treatment. “Initiate ART in all adults living with HIV, regardless of WHO clinical stage and at any CD4 cell count.” Page XVI Congratulations to Myanmar for providing guidance that […]


Road safety initiative

I want to hear what Health in Myanmar [him] readers think about this initiative. https://www.facebook.com/RoadSafetyMyanmar/ Jamie

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