What *are* HIV priorities in Asia

A few days ago I posted four perspectives on HIV priorities in Asia from Amfar.


Thanks to a reader who had this response:

"It is interesting to note that the 4 people interviewed come from relatively democratic countries where somehow communities have a voice in the HIV response. Still many countries in Asia-Pacific doesn’t have this opportunity. For me the responses provided are not really specific: none of them speak specifically about MSM, TG, people using drugs, SW… in their respective countries. We have enough epidemiological data in the region to be able to tell which groups are at risk and how to reach them. And there is experience as well.

I guess there are 2 different priorities: 1) Reinforcing services for people the most at risk for HIV which include prevention and care/treatment involving the civil society and communities as much as possible. It would an immediate objective, 2) More long-term tasks: adressing “legal barriers for young people” and others (don’t forget them) (SWs, MSMs, TG and people using drugs), prevention among young people, “sexual health for young people”. Addressing the need of young people in Asia-Pacific is a huge task as this population is big. Finally what about countries such as Vietnam and China where civil society and communities are not yet fully part of the response?"


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